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File NameFile SizeDate/TimePosted byRevision
 Online Advancement Reporting 04.173.4kb2017-04-10 16:59:10Mr Orolfo
 Online Advancement Reporting.doc285.7kb2017-04-10 16:59:50Mr Orolfo
 2017 Andy Anderson Award54.1kb2017-10-27 07:53:58LBDE
 2017 Baden Powel Award151.3kb2017-10-27 07:51:31LBDE
 2017 Crew Committee Chair of the47.1kb2017-10-27 07:53:21LBDE
 2017 District Award of Merit145.6kb2017-10-27 07:50:57LBDE
 2017 Pack Committee Chair of the50.3kb2017-10-27 07:52:37LBDE
 2017 Super Star Nominations87.2kb2017-10-27 07:54:26LBDE
 2017 Troop Committee Chair of th50.0kb2017-10-27 07:52:14LBDE
 God & Me Poster.pdf129.0kb2017-11-19 10:29:00Mr Orolfo
 PRAY Awards Brochure1.pdf541.4kb2017-11-19 10:29:30Mr Orolfo
 Silver_Beaver_Award_Application.123.9kb2016-10-09 20:49:19Mr Orolfo
 Silver_Beaver_Award_Application.149.7kb2016-10-09 20:44:15Mr Orolfo
 2015-2016 Silver Beaver Schedule64.5kb2015-10-01 21:58:25Mr Orolfo
 Andy Anderson Memorial Trophy Fo15.8kb2015-10-15 22:14:58Mr Orolfo
 DISTRICT BADEN POWELL NOMINATION59.3kb2015-10-15 22:15:50Mr Orolfo
 District Award of Merit Applicat145.6kb2015-10-15 22:16:19Mr Orolfo
 Silver Beaver Award Recommendati69.8kb2015-10-01 21:58:56Mr Orolfo
 Super Stars Award Nomination For13.9kb2015-10-15 22:15:21Mr Orolfo
 Commissioner of the Year Nominat37.0kb2014-12-10 22:14:27Mr Orolfo
 Committee Chair of the Year - Cr23.8kb2014-12-10 22:14:50Mr Orolfo
 Committee Chair of the Year - Pa5.3kb2014-12-10 22:15:11Mr Orolfo
 Committee Chair of the Year - Tr5.3kb2014-12-10 22:15:47Mr Orolfo
 William D Boyce Award Form.pdf3.53mb2014-12-10 22:17:33Mr Orolfo
Bike Rides
 50 Miler flyer - June 3 2017.doc291.8kb2017-05-05 19:55:15Mr Orolfo
 50_Miler_flyer_-_June_3_2017.pdf245.5kb2017-05-05 19:57:12Mr Orolfo
 50_Miler_flyer_-_May_6_2017.pdf245.2kb2017-04-05 21:06:02Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2017 Flyer.pdf429.0kb2017-04-17 12:16:12Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2017 High Adventure484.5kb2017-04-17 12:15:40Mr Orolfo
 50 Miler flyer - snd rev - April327.2kb2016-03-20 15:28:48Mr Orolfo
 Bike Ride - General Info - Ap334.8kb2016-03-20 15:27:03Mr Orolfo
 T141_Bike_Riding_Event.pdf459.5kb2016-11-13 21:57:21Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2016 Flyer.pdf332.9kb2016-01-05 17:30:46Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2016 High Adventure543.0kb2016-01-05 17:30:18Mr Orolfo
 50 Miles Bike Ride Flyer.pdf707.1kb2015-03-11 10:53:51Mr Orolfo
 District Bike Ride May 16th - 461.0kb2015-04-01 20:59:28Mr Orolfo
 Starting Point - Whittier Narrow99.1kb2015-04-01 21:00:14Mr Orolfo
 50_Miler_flyer__-_jo_rev2.docx244.0kb2014-10-20 07:30:17Mr Orolfo
 50_Miler_flyer__-_jo_rev2.pdf544.8kb2014-10-20 07:30:42Mr Orolfo
 2017 Camporee Troop Guide613.3kb2017-03-15 11:43:35LBDE
 LB_DistrictCamporee2016TroopPack2.99mb2016-04-16 07:25:03Mr Orolfo-1
 LB_DistrictCamporee2016TroopPack451.2kb2016-02-13 21:06:18Mr Orolfo
 Trail Etiquette.docx112.5kb2015-04-12 20:38:28Mr Orolfo
 Trail Etiquette.pdf154.0kb2015-04-12 20:43:51Mr Orolfo
 2016 Log Cabin Flyer.pdf1.00mb2016-01-06 14:27:22Mr Orolfo
 HenningerFlatsFlyer.pdf439.0kb2016-10-13 12:30:26Mr Orolfo
 Dodgers Boy Scouts Egg Drop Eggs91.9kb2014-07-27 14:45:40Mr Orolfo
 2017 LB Rocket Launch Day 187.2kb2017-09-01 11:43:38Mr Orolfo
 C333 & T832 Cub Scout Open House3.59mb2017-09-04 21:33:39Mr Orolfo
 RG Flyer1.pdf429.1kb2017-12-04 21:28:42Mr Orolfo
 T141 Webelos II ROCtober Rocket226.9kb2017-09-15 11:58:07Mr Orolfo
 2016 PWD Champ Camp.jpg86.1kb2016-01-06 22:14:20Mr Orolfo
 2016 Tri-Council Wood Badge Reun573.1kb2016-01-29 10:46:39Mr Orolfo
 T141_MISTLETOE_PICKING.pdf419.9kb2016-11-13 21:58:43Mr Orolfo
 T141_gocart.pdf298.9kb2016-11-13 21:58:05Mr Orolfo
 T141_snow_boarding_2017.pdf320.7kb2016-11-13 21:59:23Mr Orolfo
 2015_ Scout-Youth Expo Brochure767.5kb2015-02-12 15:22:00Mr Orolfo
 2015_District_Dinner_Invitation.401.5kb2015-01-06 20:33:27Mr Orolfo
 2015_Youth Expo Flyer_revised 10421.5kb2015-02-12 15:22:21Mr Orolfo
 Arbor Day BP 2015.pdf2.09mb2015-04-20 12:31:56Mr Orolfo
 OSCS 2015 Flyer.pdf346.8kb2015-04-20 10:16:39Mr Orolfo
 Pinewood Deby 2015.pdf182.7kb2015-05-11 14:01:18Mr Orolfo
 Scouts Day & Egg Drop at Dodger 536.4kb2015-07-21 22:47:23segovean
 T141 Centennial Flyer.pdf720.4kb2015-04-21 21:09:29Mr Orolfo
 T832 Webelos Scout Day Flyer.pdf265.4kb2015-12-21 22:05:31Mr Orolfo
 Troop 141 Contribution Flyer.pdf376.7kb2015-04-28 06:53:32Mr Orolfo
 2014 Golf Invitation Final.pdf817.3kb2014-09-30 15:44:04Mr Orolfo
 Catholic Scout Retreat 2014 Flye285.7kb2014-09-04 08:46:49Mr Orolfo
 Multicultural Ride Patch 1.jpg67.4kb2014-08-19 00:13:13Mr Orolfo
 2016 Electricity MB @ Youth Expo582.5kb2016-09-24 23:32:25Mr Orolfo
 2015_ SGVC-LAAC-Youth Expo Broch769.6kb2015-04-10 16:37:43Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Letters_To_Scouters-LG319.5kb2015-04-10 16:38:13Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Sponsorship_Letter-_Ne124.5kb2015-04-10 16:38:51Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Sponsorship_Letter-_Pa129.8kb2015-04-10 16:39:18Mr Orolfo
 2015_SGVC-LAAC Youth Expo Flyer.195.2kb2015-04-10 16:39:50Mr Orolfo
 2015_Youth_Expo_Guide_Final_as o191.7kb2015-04-10 16:40:15Mr Orolfo
 GLAAC CSP Design Contest 2015.pd183.2kb2015-10-09 10:59:56Mr Orolfo
 CHECK LIST 2014 - Eagle Scout Aw20.5kb2014-11-23 21:46:29Mr Orolfo
 EAGLE RESUME.docx17.9kb2014-11-23 21:51:41Mr Orolfo
 FOS 2015 Thank you.pdf747.2kb2016-02-25 15:27:18Mr Orolfo
 2015 Popcorn Flyer.pdf340.7kb2015-05-05 22:33:47Mr Orolfo
 LBDCA 2015 Invitation.pdf464.6kb2015-04-09 21:51:24Mr Orolfo
 LBDCA 2015 Reply Card.pdf575.4kb2015-04-09 21:51:45Mr Orolfo
 Kids Packet Flyer.pdf783.8kb2014-12-11 13:31:36Mr Orolfo
 Neag - Earthquake Flyer.pdf3.61mb2014-12-11 13:30:44Mr Orolfo
 Trailhead 229_Jan-Feb_2016.pdf273.8kb2016-03-01 11:43:17Mr Orolfo
 10 Miles Hike Map - Memorial Par171.9kb2017-10-23 18:00:01Mr Orolfo-1
 2017 10 & 20 Miles Hike Flyer.pd447.6kb2017-09-20 22:34:10Mr Orolfo
 2017 Religious Diversity Hike Fl233.0kb2017-05-19 08:48:28Mr Orolfo
 2017 Religious Diversity Hike Fl207.2kb2017-05-19 08:48:50Mr Orolfo
 2017_10_amp_20_Miles_Hike_Flyer_379.1kb2017-10-23 20:47:43Mr Orolfo
 2016_Religious_Diversity_Hike_Fl178.8kb2016-05-18 22:06:41Mr Orolfo
 Flyer-2016 10 Commandments Hike 533.7kb2016-01-14 22:19:45Mr Orolfo
 Arroyo Seco & Gabrielino Trails 395.6kb2015-09-15 06:54:46Mr Orolfo
 Arroyo Seco Trail Map A.pdf548.5kb2015-09-22 07:37:08Mr Orolfo
 Gabrielino Trail Map A.pdf219.7kb2015-09-22 07:37:32Mr Orolfo
 Gabrielino Trail Map.pdf210.5kb2015-09-15 06:55:20Mr Orolfo
 SGVC 20 mile hike.pdf246.2kb2014-09-09 12:25:59Mr Orolfo
 Trail Map 20 Miles Chantry Flat 47.0kb2014-10-29 13:26:30Mr Orolfo
Merit Badges
 MB Brochure WINTER 2016.pdf659.0kb2016-01-20 14:24:42Mr Orolfo
 BSMeritBadgeForm2015 revised.pdf347.2kb2015-10-27 09:41:35Mr Orolfo
 Photography MB Youth Expo 2015.57.9kb2015-05-21 23:37:39Mr Orolfo
 Photography MB @ Youth Expo 2015141.5kb2015-04-30 22:33:06Mr Orolfo
 Programming MB Day410.7kb2015-06-06 00:57:15chesterc
 STEM/ NOVA Day at APU 16' (district only)4.61mb2015-10-14 12:03:01Paul Bisterfeldt
 Tenth Annual Citizenship.pdf126.7kb2015-10-14 08:20:48Mr Orolfo
 Engineering & Traffic Safety189.6kb2014-12-21 22:08:48Mr Orolfo
 2015 Internet Re-Charter Trainin131.9kb2015-09-18 21:19:26Mr Orolfo
 Join CS @ LB Masonic Center.pdf160.1kb2017-09-18 23:05:14Mr Orolfo
 2017 District Roundtable Flyer t48.3kb2017-09-12 21:04:37Mr Orolfo
 2017 District Roundtable Flyer t71.3kb2017-09-12 21:04:58Mr Orolfo
 District Roundtable Flier to Tro67.1kb2014-09-13 20:46:58Mr Orolfo
 GLAAC Wood Badge 2017 Applicatio449.3kb2016-11-11 10:24:45Mr Orolfo
 Wood-Badge-W4-33-16 Flyer 0208161.48mb2016-02-11 10:40:54Mr Orolfo
 WRK3 YPT Policy Change.pdf89.4kb2015-06-22 21:45:32Mr Orolfo
 cs-Leader Specific 2-21-2015.pdf139.1kb2015-02-09 21:12:19Mr Orolfo
 N.R.A. Basic Rifle Instructor Cl84.8kb2014-12-15 21:37:08Mr Orolfo
 Trask Trout Hatchery.pdf303.2kb2015-03-27 07:17:42Mr Orolfo