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Annual 25 & 50 Miles Bike Ride - 6/3/2017

Bike Ride Reschduled to June 3, 2017!
50 Miler flyer - June 3 2017 000.jpg - 600 x 776

50 Miler flyer - June 3 2017 001.jpg - 600 x 776


Patches proudly sponsored by the Quarterly Magazines
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basicleadertraininglogocolor.jpg - 224 x 225

Check availability here

May 6  Scoutmaster Position Specific
May 20-21  Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills
Sept. 16-17  Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills
Sept. 16  Cub Scout Leader Specific
Sept 23  Scoutmaster Specific
Oct 7-8  Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills
Oct. 14  B.A.L.O.O. - Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation



Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Trask - May 26-29, 2017



The Big Ride - June 2-4, 2017

The Big Ride 2017 Flyer - jpeg for FB-Twtr-IG.jpg - 600 x 776


Camp Card Unit Fundraiser

Camp Card Flyer -

Camp Card Weekly Drawing:
There will be 14 drawings on Monday or Tuesday depending on the holiday schedule. Once 25 cards are sold, sign up your scout to be entered into the weekly drawing. They may only win the weekly drawing prize once.

  • May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
  • June 5, 12, 19


2017 Tokyo Scout Council Summer Camp & Tour - July 20-31, 2017

2017 Tokyo Scout Camp Trip Flyer 3-15-17.jpg - 600 x 776


FLSR Cub Resident Camp - July 5-8, 2017


2017 Sign Up for Summer Resident Camp at Forest Lawn Scout Reservation

FLSR Sign.jpg - 600 x 173
2017 Summer Resident Camp at Forest Lawn Scout Reservation

2017 Summer Camp Dates:                      Check for space each week here!

Week 1 - June 11-17, 2017                         Week 5 - July 9-15, 2017        

Week 2 - June 18-24, 2017                         Week 6 - July 16-22, 2017

Week 3 - June 25-July 1, 2017                   Week 7 - July 23-29, 2017

Week 4 - July 2-8, 2017                              Week 8 - July 30-Aug. 5, 2017

2017 Forest Lawn Scout Reservation Guide


2017 Summer Resident Camp at Camp Cherry Valley

CCV A.jpg - 600 x 173
2017 Summer Resident Camp at Camp Cherry Valley

2017 Summer Camp Dates:                      Check for space here!

Week 1 - June 11-17, 2017                           Week 5 - July 9-15, 2017        

Week 2 - June 18-24, 2017                          Week 6 - July 16-22, 2017

Week 3 - June 25-July 1, 2017                    Week 7 - July 23-29, 2017

Week 4 - July 2-8, 2017                               Week 8 - July 30-Aug. 5, 2017

2017 Camp Cherry Valley Guide



NYLT Weeklong Format - Jul. 30 - Aug. 4, 2017

NYLTlogo.JPG - 329 x 284

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
Weeklong Format
Jul. 31 - Aug. 4, 2017

Forest Lawn Scout Reservation
Lake Arrowhead

Sign up Now!


2017 Cub Resident Camp at Camp Cherry Valley

ccv crc 2017 treasure island logo(1).jpg - 1274 x 1077

2017 Cub Scout Programs at Camp Cherry Valley - Registration Now Open

Cub Resident Camp 2017 (200 campers each session only)

Check Availability Here

Session 1 - August 6-9, 2017 Sign up now!

Session 2 - August 10-13, 2017 Sign up now!

2016 Cub Resident Camp Guide


H.A.T. High Adventure Training

HATPatch.gif - 116 x 116
H.A.T. High Adventure Training

2017 Dates Training Sign-up Link

Sept. 9 - Desert Camping and Travel Training

Oct. 14-16 - BSA Level I Climbing Instructor Course

Oct. 28-29 - Wilderness First Aid


Online Advancement Reporting for Packs

To All Cub Scout Unit Leaders:

Online Advancement Reporting

Please make sure your Pack is updating its Advancement Report online so that it reflects on each of the Youth Scouting Profiles. That way there is no discrepancies throughout your youths scouting career and is recorded on the national database all throughout his 18th birthday. 
I know some Packs have an excel sheet or a log of all the Advancements, belt loops, etc. Please just copy the information in the Online Advancement.  It is really easy to use.  Just click and enter.

Every unit has a Unit ID Number.  If you do not know your Unit ID Number, just send me an email and I will let you know what it is.  From there you can log in as a First Time user and create the email and password associated with the Packs Advancement profile.  There is only one Unit ID# and one password for each Unit.  You can designate one person as the Advancement Chair for the Pack to update the information or you can have multiple people, they will just have to use the same password.
Common Problem and Solution
Some units may already have a password and email associated with the Online Advancement profile for your Pack.  But this person was the Advancement Chair for the Pack four years ago.  This person has dropped off the face of the earth.  Just let me know and I can have our registrar reset the user information.  From there, as a first time user, someone from the Pack can register a new email and password for the Pack.
Below is a visual on what accessing the Internet Advancement will look like.  
There are many perks to using the internet advancement.  You can see who is actually registered to the unit, both youth and adults, who is Youth Protection Trained, etc.  This will be your most accurate record of the unit.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I am here to help you with whatever you need.  I want to make sure all the kids throughout the District are getting the best experience possible.  I was Cub, Boy, and Eagle Scout out of the Lucky Baldwin District myself.  So personally I know that without volunteers as yourself, the kids would get such an awesome program.

Join us at the Roundtable this Wednesday and get more information on the Internet Advancement!

Yours in Scouting!


Paul Bisterfeldt | District Executive

Greater Los Angeles Area Council |
 Lucky Baldwin District

Pasadena – Smiser Scout Center
3450 East Sierra Madre Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91107-1934
P 626.351.8815, ext. 222 | F 626.351.5049


Los Angeles – Cushman Watt Scout Center

2333 Scout Way
Los Angeles, California 90026
P 213.413.4400 | F 213.413.5293



Native American Heritage Weekend - July 28-30, 2017


Religious Diversity Hike VI - 7/8/2017

Lucky Baldwin District
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Bike Rides
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 The Big Ride 2017 Flyer.pdf429.0kb2017-04-17 12:16:12Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2017 High Adventure484.5kb2017-04-17 12:15:40Mr Orolfo
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 Bike Ride - General Info - Ap334.8kb2016-03-20 15:27:03Mr Orolfo
 T141_Bike_Riding_Event.pdf459.5kb2016-11-13 21:57:21Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2016 Flyer.pdf332.9kb2016-01-05 17:30:46Mr Orolfo
 The Big Ride 2016 High Adventure543.0kb2016-01-05 17:30:18Mr Orolfo
 50 Miles Bike Ride Flyer.pdf707.1kb2015-03-11 10:53:51Mr Orolfo
 District Bike Ride May 16th - 461.0kb2015-04-01 20:59:28Mr Orolfo
 Starting Point - Whittier Narrow99.1kb2015-04-01 21:00:14Mr Orolfo
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 LB_DistrictCamporee2016TroopPack2.99mb2016-04-16 07:25:03Mr Orolfo-1
 LB_DistrictCamporee2016TroopPack451.2kb2016-02-13 21:06:18Mr Orolfo
 Trail Etiquette.docx112.5kb2015-04-12 20:38:28Mr Orolfo
 Trail Etiquette.pdf154.0kb2015-04-12 20:43:51Mr Orolfo
 2016 Log Cabin Flyer.pdf1.00mb2016-01-06 14:27:22Mr Orolfo
 HenningerFlatsFlyer.pdf439.0kb2016-10-13 12:30:26Mr Orolfo
 Dodgers Boy Scouts Egg Drop Eggs91.9kb2014-07-27 14:45:40Mr Orolfo
 2016 PWD Champ Camp.jpg86.1kb2016-01-06 22:14:20Mr Orolfo
 2016 Tri-Council Wood Badge Reun573.1kb2016-01-29 10:46:39Mr Orolfo
 T141_MISTLETOE_PICKING.pdf419.9kb2016-11-13 21:58:43Mr Orolfo
 T141_gocart.pdf298.9kb2016-11-13 21:58:05Mr Orolfo
 T141_snow_boarding_2017.pdf320.7kb2016-11-13 21:59:23Mr Orolfo
 2015_ Scout-Youth Expo Brochure767.5kb2015-02-12 15:22:00Mr Orolfo
 2015_District_Dinner_Invitation.401.5kb2015-01-06 20:33:27Mr Orolfo
 2015_Youth Expo Flyer_revised 10421.5kb2015-02-12 15:22:21Mr Orolfo
 Arbor Day BP 2015.pdf2.09mb2015-04-20 12:31:56Mr Orolfo
 OSCS 2015 Flyer.pdf346.8kb2015-04-20 10:16:39Mr Orolfo
 Pinewood Deby 2015.pdf182.7kb2015-05-11 14:01:18Mr Orolfo
 Scouts Day & Egg Drop at Dodger 536.4kb2015-07-21 22:47:23segovean
 T141 Centennial Flyer.pdf720.4kb2015-04-21 21:09:29Mr Orolfo
 T832 Webelos Scout Day Flyer.pdf265.4kb2015-12-21 22:05:31Mr Orolfo
 Troop 141 Contribution Flyer.pdf376.7kb2015-04-28 06:53:32Mr Orolfo
 2014 Golf Invitation Final.pdf817.3kb2014-09-30 15:44:04Mr Orolfo
 Catholic Scout Retreat 2014 Flye285.7kb2014-09-04 08:46:49Mr Orolfo
 Multicultural Ride Patch 1.jpg67.4kb2014-08-19 00:13:13Mr Orolfo
 2016 Electricity MB @ Youth Expo582.5kb2016-09-24 23:32:25Mr Orolfo
 2015_ SGVC-LAAC-Youth Expo Broch769.6kb2015-04-10 16:37:43Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Letters_To_Scouters-LG319.5kb2015-04-10 16:38:13Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Sponsorship_Letter-_Ne124.5kb2015-04-10 16:38:51Mr Orolfo
 2015_Expo_Sponsorship_Letter-_Pa129.8kb2015-04-10 16:39:18Mr Orolfo
 2015_SGVC-LAAC Youth Expo Flyer.195.2kb2015-04-10 16:39:50Mr Orolfo
 2015_Youth_Expo_Guide_Final_as o191.7kb2015-04-10 16:40:15Mr Orolfo
 GLAAC CSP Design Contest 2015.pd183.2kb2015-10-09 10:59:56Mr Orolfo
 CHECK LIST 2014 - Eagle Scout Aw20.5kb2014-11-23 21:46:29Mr Orolfo
 EAGLE RESUME.docx17.9kb2014-11-23 21:51:41Mr Orolfo
 FOS 2015 Thank you.pdf747.2kb2016-02-25 15:27:18Mr Orolfo
 2015 Popcorn Flyer.pdf340.7kb2015-05-05 22:33:47Mr Orolfo
 LBDCA 2015 Invitation.pdf464.6kb2015-04-09 21:51:24Mr Orolfo
 LBDCA 2015 Reply Card.pdf575.4kb2015-04-09 21:51:45Mr Orolfo
 Kids Packet Flyer.pdf783.8kb2014-12-11 13:31:36Mr Orolfo
 Neag - Earthquake Flyer.pdf3.61mb2014-12-11 13:30:44Mr Orolfo
 Trailhead 229_Jan-Feb_2016.pdf273.8kb2016-03-01 11:43:17Mr Orolfo
 2017 Religious Diversity Hike Fl233.0kb2017-05-19 08:48:28Mr Orolfo
 2017 Religious Diversity Hike Fl207.2kb2017-05-19 08:48:50Mr Orolfo
 2016_Religious_Diversity_Hike_Fl178.8kb2016-05-18 22:06:41Mr Orolfo
 Flyer-2016 10 Commandments Hike 533.7kb2016-01-14 22:19:45Mr Orolfo
 Arroyo Seco & Gabrielino Trails 395.6kb2015-09-15 06:54:46Mr Orolfo
 Arroyo Seco Trail Map A.pdf548.5kb2015-09-22 07:37:08Mr Orolfo
 Gabrielino Trail Map A.pdf219.7kb2015-09-22 07:37:32Mr Orolfo
 Gabrielino Trail Map.pdf210.5kb2015-09-15 06:55:20Mr Orolfo
 SGVC 20 mile hike.pdf246.2kb2014-09-09 12:25:59Mr Orolfo
 Trail Map 20 Miles Chantry Flat 47.0kb2014-10-29 13:26:30Mr Orolfo
Merit Badges
 MB Brochure WINTER 2016.pdf659.0kb2016-01-20 14:24:42Mr Orolfo
 BSMeritBadgeForm2015 revised.pdf347.2kb2015-10-27 09:41:35Mr Orolfo
 Photography MB Youth Expo 2015.57.9kb2015-05-21 23:37:39Mr Orolfo
 Photography MB @ Youth Expo 2015141.5kb2015-04-30 22:33:06Mr Orolfo
 Programming MB Day410.7kb2015-06-06 00:57:15chesterc
 STEM/ NOVA Day at APU 16' (district only)4.61mb2015-10-14 12:03:01Paul Bisterfeldt
 Tenth Annual Citizenship.pdf126.7kb2015-10-14 08:20:48Mr Orolfo
 Engineering & Traffic Safety189.6kb2014-12-21 22:08:48Mr Orolfo
 2015 Internet Re-Charter Trainin131.9kb2015-09-18 21:19:26Mr Orolfo
 2016 District Roundtable Flyer t59.6kb2016-08-20 22:34:07Mr Orolfo
 2016 District Roundtable Flyer t110.5kb2016-08-20 22:34:39Mr Orolfo
 Troop & Webelos Open House 2015.656.5kb2015-09-10 07:43:57Mr Orolfo
 District Roundtable Flier to Tro67.1kb2014-09-13 20:46:58Mr Orolfo
 GLAAC Wood Badge 2017 Applicatio449.3kb2016-11-11 10:24:45Mr Orolfo
 Wood-Badge-W4-33-16 Flyer 0208161.48mb2016-02-11 10:40:54Mr Orolfo
 WRK3 YPT Policy Change.pdf89.4kb2015-06-22 21:45:32Mr Orolfo
 cs-Leader Specific 2-21-2015.pdf139.1kb2015-02-09 21:12:19Mr Orolfo
 N.R.A. Basic Rifle Instructor Cl84.8kb2014-12-15 21:37:08Mr Orolfo
 Trask Trout Hatchery.pdf303.2kb2015-03-27 07:17:42Mr Orolfo